Weak And Fragile Or Strong And Durable — You Choose

After assessing a 15 year old, I asked her what her goal was. she said, “to be pain free.” It’s sad a 15 year old has been in pain for over a year.

Weekly I’m in front of coaches, parents and athletes. As we’re talking about training and programming, they’re nodding their heads like, “I knew there was a better way.” They often ask why isn’t everyone doing this stuff?

It’s sad how little has made its way to youth sports in the past 20 years regarding the physical preparation of our student athletes, especially with all the knowledge that’s out there. As coaches connect the dots and more programs like the ones below gain traction, things will change.


At some point, coaches will focus more on the fundamentals of moving better and less on developing 12 year old superstars. When they do, they’ll see kids get better…naturally. Coaches will see fewer injuries and a more durable athlete. They’ll also see less burnout and continued participation.

There are some coaches and organizations that have been training like this for years, but they’re the minority. Coaches I know personally that have made the shift have experienced what some would call amazing results year in year out.



Football / Stanford

Golf / TPI

As parents and coaches we have a choice — athletes, not so much because they do what coaches tell ’em to do. Let’s make sure we’re telling them to do the right stuff in the right amount at the right time so we can get (and keep) our athletes Strong and Durable.

Have A Great Week!