Give ’em A Little Homework

We assess, analyze and program. There’s one more step that’s vital to success, “consistency.”

It’s more than just doing work 2-3 times per week. I give my Academy athletes homework, not much, just enough to reinforce the patterns we’ve been working on. It’s not homework for the sake of doing extra work, but more of a purposeful or “deep”practice thing. It may be something as simple as a breathing technique, or learning how to shift their body weight prior to decelerating, planting and cutting.

The athlete featured here has a specific list of movements she does throughout the week that align with her schedule. We assessed and determined what she needed and gave her some homework. The changes she made between her first and third session (four weeks later) were fantastic. She got the result because she listened, made the adjustments and did the work.

We’ve added crawling and climbing to her (almost) daily practice which will act as a foundation for strength training.

Do These 3 Things:
  • Help your athletes become competent at the basic fundamentals — it will serve a lifetime of physical activity.
  • Don’t be in a rush — they’re at different stages of development, coach to it.
  • Give ’em a little homework.

Have A Great Week!