We Focus On Your Gains, Not The Gaps.

Getting older is inevitable -- becoming weak and fragile is preventable.

"I chose Jeff because I was looking to make sustainable, impactful changes to my life. Being “Fit 2 Play” as mother nature intended us to be, really encapsulates what I was looking for and it spoke to me. Having been a competitive athlete earlier in life I had a variety of aches and pains that were making the motivation to workout very difficult. I found myself having the epiphany that what I did when I was 20 something, was not what would work moving forward. I needed someone who had experience in movement and strength training, and the ability to give me what I need." - David D'Herete

Is the path you're on taking you in the direction you want to go?


Bob had a goal, he wanted to look like GSP (an MMA fighter). Bob trained pretty much daily, and sometimes 2-3 times a day with running, lifting and multiple martial arts. Bob also restricted his calories to a very low level. To summarize; Bob trained like a lion and ate like a kitten. To make things worse he had a stressful job. Bob was running on empty and wondering why all of his hard work and discipline wasn't paying off. Do you know anyone like this? I see you!
Bob thought he could do what he did 25 years ago in college. Finally, by age 50 it clicked, "I need to do things different." Over time he ate little more and trained less which allowed him to recover and move him closer to his goals. 
More isn't better, better is better. Don't worry about the gap between here and there. Instead, focus on the small gains you're making, not the gaps -- and celebrate these wins along the way, they keep you coming back. 
When we try to rush the process and go to extremes we often crash and burn like Bob. At the very least it's not sustainable.
If you'd like to do better than Bob, schedule a call -- by the end of the call you'll have a good idea how you can live stronger, longer.
Each month you get:
  • 4 coaching calls (up to 60 minutes each). Phone or video calls to go over anything you want -- this is your time.
  • Quick calls. When I have a question -- it's usually a now thing, not in four days. We can schedule a quick call if you're stuck or have a question in between our coaching calls.
  • Weekly check-ins.
  • Accountability and support
  • Movements, exercises, conditioning, and recovery will be programmed for you and will change depending on our calls.
  • All coaching is done by me (Jeff), no assistant coaches.

You won't have to guess how to do anything. Or what something means, how much, how hard or how often to do it.  I’ve got you!

This is not a quick-fix program -- we're making changes that will last. 



Denise Klatte

"I needed a Coach . . . someone to motivate me, to hold me accountable, someone who was approachable and who would also design a safe and effective program that would be both challenging and fun! As a physical therapist and fitness instructor, I knew the importance of working with someone who understood the human body, functional movement, the aging process, and safe progressions AND who could communicate in a way that was insightful, honest, and concise. I was in need of someone who was an exceptional authority in their field, and really fun, too! From the first call, I knew that my goals and (self-limiting) beliefs were being “heard.” I have remained injury free and have become stronger, feel healthier, move better, and continue to set new goals!"

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We start with a conversation and will get all your questions answered. You’ll know if this is a fit or not.

There are no specific equipment requirements, and you don't need a gym — besides, things are different now.

In-person sessions are available, but limited.
$450-$900 per month.

EPIC (Private) Coaching Monthly


Per month
  • 4 Coaching Calls per month.
  • Zoom, FaceTime, or phone -- whatever is Convenient for You.
  • Quick Calls between scheduled coaching calls when something comes up.
  • Movements, exercises, conditioning, and and recovery programmed for you and changing as necessary.
  • We'll have an initial call to get all questions answered.

Fit Life Coaching Monthly



  • Weekly Coaching Calls.
  • You're going meet people on a similar path within the community.
  • Just the right amount of Accountability and Support.
  • Peace Of Mind knowing you'll be doing the right amount of the right stuff at the right time.
  • Guidance and coaching through our calls.
  • Hit the button below for more information.

Click any of the "Schedule A Call" buttons and your email will pop up. Tell me as little or as much as you'd like about yourself. Let me know what time of the day (include your time zone) works for you and I'll get back to you to schedule our call.

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Fit Life Coaching has just the right amount of accountability, guidance, and coaching for the right people. It's a lighter version of EPIC -- there’s nothing like it. Hit the button below and learn more.
More About Fit Life Coaching

Scott Cannon

“When I went into retirement, a lot of it was my life was changing with my new family, but a part of it was the feeling my body was past its prime…that I couldn’t keep up with the young kids anymore. That changed dramatically since I started working out with you.”

Chris Baer

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff for many years and he has always been very valuable to me as a coach. His insight and expertise in functional movement is second to none."