It's not about more effort, it's about becoming effortless."


It is not about more effort, it is about becoming effortless."


Is the path you're on taking you in the direction you want to go?


Essential - We focus on what’s important, the need to do. It’s not about adding more -- it’s about doing less, better.

Present - It's hard to stay on the path when you're continuously looking in the rearview mirror or what may appear ahead of you. We know the direction we're going, but our focus is on what's in front of you here and now, where life happens.

Individual - Your training is based on your goals, your starting point, and life. Not a blueprint or predetermined program.

Confidence - You'll have the confidence to do the thing. And the next . . .


how E.P.I.C. Coaching works

E.P.I.C. Coaching is an online experience. Everything is programmed and scheduled to fit (integrate) into your life. Coaching happens over the phone, email, Facetime, or Zoom.

Each month you'll get:

  • 4 coaching calls (up to 60 minutes). We can use Zoom, or Facetime on your phone. This is your time -- conversations can go anywhere and often do. By the end of our session you'll have direction for the upcoming week.
  • Quick calls. When I have a question or something I want to talk about -- it's usually a now thing, not in four days. We can schedule a quick call if you're stuck or have a question.
  • Movements, exercises, conditioning, and recovery will be programmed for you and can change often depending on our calls.

You won't have to guess how to do anything. Or what something means, how much, how hard or how often to do it.  I’ve got you!

3 Step Process:

  1. We get clear on the goal (s).
  2. We find your starting point.
  3. We create the plan and get after it with a practical approach.

1 - Month Commitment


Per Month
  • 4 Coaching Calls up to 60 min Each
  • Phone, Skype, Zoom, Email, Whatever is Convenient for You
  • Quick Calls Scheduled (almost) Anytime for Smaller non Session Questions
  • Movements, exercises, conditioning, and and/or recovery programmed for you and changing throughout as necessary

Get Started

    First things first, schedule a call to Get Started with E.P.I.C. Coaching.

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Scott Cannon
Former Soccer Player

“I want you to know it means a great deal to me how much you helped me get Fit2Play over this past year. When I went into retirement, a lot of it was my life was changing with my new family, but a part of it was the feeling my body was past its prime…that I couldn’t keep up with the young kids anymore. That has changed dramatically since I started working out with Fit2Play”

Chris Baer
Executive Director of Coaching / Ohio Premier Soccer Club

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff for many years and he has always been a very valuable asset to me as a soccer coach. His insight and expertise in functional movement is second to none.”

Private Training

Consulting can include how and where to start and what to do first. An audit of your current program, and/or a complete overhaul of any existing program clearly laid out for you to follow on your own. Coaching is by phone, video (Zoom, Skype or Facetime), email -- we use what you're comfortable with to communicate.

Immersion is a one-day intensive. Just you and me. Schedule a call for more details.
Private Training is in person, in home, in nature, and/or in the gym, one-on-one personal training.

Hourly Consulting


Per Hour

4 Sessions


Per Month

*In-Person / Local Coaching and Private Training is limited and based on availability.

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