Athletic Development

At 5 years old she was hanging out with mom (a lacrosse coach) and running around the fields. She was exposed to martial arts, a few different sports, and even aerial acrobatics . . . all by age 10.

Now 15, this kid climbs, crawls, runs and jumps better than most kids at any age. It’s not like she won the genetic lottery, although mom moves well. Her athleticism is more of a “natural development” thing — it was nurtured.

Good stuff happens when kids are exposed and play multiple sports, we’ve known this for years. When we let ’em explore and play they develop naturally and are more likely to have a positive outlook toward physical activity.


When kids move better they’ll play better. When they learn how to move with efficiency and control their bodies they reduce the risk of injury and increase athletic potential regardless of age or skill level.

Your position and alignment will determine your performance. 


Let’s get kids good at running, jumping, crawling, climbing, throwing and catching. Let’s get ’em to lift and carry, push, pull, and press stuff too. This has nothing to do with age appropriate, but with physical literacy. Strength and conditioning comes after physical competency — skip that step and start seeing injuries, under performance, and burnout.

When we get kids good at the fundamentals, they get more enjoyment out of everything because they can do everything better.

Have A Great Week!