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Functional Movement, Strength, and Conditioning for Student Athletes.

We start with the movement skills that underlie athletic ability — the Underpinning of Athleticism. As athletes show competence at the fundamentals we see strength, power, speed, agility, and quickness improve as a by-product of training. Skip the foundational stuff and they’ll never reach their potential.

When athletes move better they perform better. When they move with efficiency they reduce the risk of injury and improve overall athleticism. This is not a sport specific thing, it's a human thing. We're developing a physical practice that can last a lifetime.

How it works:

We get clear on the goal (s) and the starting point, then create a plan based on the athlete's schedule, needs, abilities, sports, environment, and life. This can happen in person, phone, facetime or Zoom.

The Athletic Development Academy is consulting with coaching. With the exception of a handful of local athletes, this is an online experience. It's not for everyone -- many kids will not do the work on their own without someone watching over them. But for the kids that walk the talk, it's perfect! Together we create a program they can do at home or the gym (or a combination of both). We look at their practice and competition schedule, performance tests if pre-season, and give them the right amount of the right stuff to do at the right time which will reduce the risk of over training and injures and improve performance.

In-Person Academy training is avialble, but limited to a handful of athletes. 

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Per Session / with follow-up
  • Consulting and coaching based on the individual athlete
  • Phone, FaceTime, Zoom and email communication
  • Quick-calls for follow-up
  • Provides peace of mind knowing they’re doing the right amount of the right stuff at the right time



"The skills and techniques Fit2Play brought to our program has made our team one of the strongest, best-conditioned teams in Ohio. It's not a coincidence that our team has won ten state titles since participating in Fit2Play and changing our training strategy".
- Wendy Pinta, Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach, Upper Arlington High School -