Hi, I’m Jeff Turner, Movement & Performance Coach. I'll help you get clear on your goal. Find your starting point, show you what to do next -- and coach you along the way."


Hi, I’m Jeff Turner, Movement & Performance Coach. What you do and how much you train depend on where you are — your entry point. I help you find that point, and show you what to do next."


Fit2Play was created in 1997. We knew we could reduce the risk of injury and improve performance which is still our focus with 20+ years and 1000's of sessions in the books. 

Think of this as a, “start here, do this, now that” approach to strength, conditioning and overall physical preparation.

For student athletes this provides the foundation for sport, and a lifetime of physical endeavors.

For adults it’s obliterating the status-quo. The acceptance of pain, fatigue, no time, no gym, no confidence, and bad memories of what (we think) it takes to be fit -- to live stronger, longer. There is a better way. Schedule a call.


About Jeff:

Looking back it’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t interested in sports. Growing up in southern California -- I surfed, played baseball and had a blast.

I started lifting weights around the age of 14. I’d love to say I was focused and training was all about increasing performance, but nobody (I knew) did the stuff we do with athletes today.

This was my ‘passion’ and it provided me a laser-­focus and a never -quit mindset to make it a career. Along the way, I met three men who changed my life forever. They were some of the best sport scientists in the field.

After spending time with the docs, I started an educational process that has never ended for me. I went back to school, attended UCLA, studied exercise science and continued to work with my mentors.

Over time, I developed a successful practice in Los Angeles working with individuals, corporations and high­ level athletes. From there it was to the North Shore of Oahu for a couple of years, and then relocated to Columbus, Ohio.

In 1996, I became the Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer culminating in 2002 by winning the US Open Cup.

Todat I spend my time coaching online as well as working with a small group of clients here in town.


  • SFG 1 Strong First Kettlebell Certification
  • MovNat, MCT & Former Certification Team Instructor
  • Master of Sport Sciences (International Sports Sciences Assoc.)
  • Studied Exercise Science at The University of California, Los Angeles
  • Fascial Movement Taping Level 1&2
  • FMS Certified
  • Y Balance Certified
  • 1994 “Trainer of the Year” (ISSA)
  • Former Strength, Conditioning and Movement coach for the Columbus Crew, MLS (2002 U.S. Open Cup Champions)
  • United 94 Soccer Club
  • Ohio Premier Soccer Club
  • Midwestern Force Lacrosse Club
  • Columbus Destroyers
  • International Sports Sciences Association member

As a kid, my dad would encourage me to make small changes over time instead of rushing the process.. Years later this way of continual improvement "Kaizen" is how I coach and train everyone.

Improving Performance, Longevity, and Health by making small changes over time.

Schedule a call -- let's talk about your physical practice.

Cindy Margolis
Internet Star, Host, Spokesperson, Supermodel, Actress, Producer, Author, Mother

“Jeff showed me what to do, how to do it, and I never looked back…thanks JT.”

Brian McBride
Former National Team / Professional Soccer Player

“Jeff is one of the best at movement, strength and conditioning. He helped me early in my professional career which set the foundation and prepared me for the highest level. “

Katie Smith
OSU/Big Ten, WNBA and Olympic basketball superstar (3x Olympic Gold Medalist)

“Jeff was a tremendous help to me as a trainer and helped prepare me for one of my best all-time seasons.”